December 11, 2006

Another Weather Rant

The snow has gone now. It rains and trees are dying in windstorms. The sky is the same dank grey as it was at 7 am, and the perpetual twilight has never brightened.

After commenting of this to a coworker, they suggested how horrible it must be to live way up north (you know with Santa), where the days are so short this time of year. Poor tragic Elves.

However, a normal December day for Discovery, NWT is the sun rising at 10 am and setting around 3 pm. Real sun. With light and visible sky.
I don't see any snow either.

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1 comment:

Alexander said...

Seeing the sun is so last week
We have had a warm front move in and well its been a toasty -5 ish, but the down side is well over cast. lots of it. There is little middle ground it is either -15 or colder and clear, or warm, any thing above -10, and cloudy to over cast.

Thanks for the plug.