May 3, 2008

The New Arugula

Ahh, the beginning of new food!
I received the garden plot that I wanted, and have set it up in rows. It is a triangle shaped structure but bigger than the one I had last year. Things that are already sprouting include:

Peas, chard, beats, onions, garlic, potatoes (!), and carrots. Obviously, I will have to figure out some good rhubarb recipes. As you can see it is already huge.

I would like to predict the next food trend, the next arugula if you will. Not dandelion greens which are slowly making their way into trendy restaurants, and are being hailed by Jamie Oliver. No, my guess is Sorrel. Well known in french cuisine but hardly ever observed on the food network. Tangy leaves, good for salads and cooked.
You just wait. I am looking forward to my arugula this year...


Anonymous said...

It looks good. It could use more goats. My blog has goats and a fox but no vegies.

Lizard Queen said...

I agree, it is very much lacking in goatly goodness, but too many goats and you get no plants.