January 2, 2014

Blog revival! Warning: circus tents and hand waving not included.

 I am reviving my blog. 

I was half-handedly inspired by my sibling. For Xmas (the holiday not quite like Festivus) my sibling gave me a real paper book called Lets pretend this never happened, by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess found at thebloggess.com). I was surprised by the intensity of the weirdness but also by the reassuring familiarity of the weirdness. I especially enjoyed her recollections of childhood. It made me think of my rather unconventional childhood and how there might be some Tales of Interest. 

I considered starting another blog with a different title and leaving brokenmice to the recovering grad student who started it, but I like continuity and there is content here that I find amusing and uniquely myself. So brokenmice stays. 

See, there is a broken mouse on the cover!


Alexander van Houten said...

My sister did once engage in amateur taxidermy. She captured a dead squirrel that the cat had just caught. It was carefully cured in salt to keep it from going off. I can't say what happened to it in the end other than I think the process worked and we simply lost track of where it was.

Lizard Queen said...

It preserved quite well. I found it in the attic, where I had my "room", several years later. Not a lot of flesh on a squirrel tail so it dried out quite quickly.