June 29, 2007

And the Rant continues...

I am only learning about Molecular Gastronomy (MG). I am not against it in principle, but as a molecular biologist/immunologist, I don't think that a physicist should have started such a field. Leave some things to the Old Wives; food is a biological imperative.

My main concern is that MG is an offshoot of Food Science, and NOT, the Science of Food. This trend is coming from the same Food Scientists that design "box foods". Is Kraft Dinner now going to be Haute Cuisine because it uses certain powders?

Food Science has existed for years.
It has been devoted to making things in Cans and Boxes edible and emulsified after being: Picked, Steamed, Boiled, Frozen, Stewed, Boiled, Stored, Dried, Reconstituted, Baked and Microwaved etc. (i.e., imagine other abuse). Just add fat and salt for flavor.
Few Chefs are chemists, and vice versa.
Food Science is NOT interested in preserving FRESH.
It is about marketability to masses who have lost their taste, or their time (a tragic testament to our culture).

I am not against the Science of Food; that is fascinating, and I love it. How can you complain about the Bugs that make Cheese (Dear Lord, Yes, more CHEESE!) , or Wine/Beer (see previous), or even yogurt! - Love the Bugs.

However, I do not like the trend of making lab techniques edible. Agar and deconstructed amino acids have their place and it is not in our bellies. MSG is a prime example. I know people that refer to MSG-containing soup as: "Poop-water."
Mmmm, Diarrhea is soooo sexy.

Picture Chemist: "But it's an amino acid, it is part of protein, it must be OK..."
To Be con't...

Regarding the last Post's photo: Its called an "ELISA" PLATE- stands for Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay. I put a lot of mouse blood on those trays - tomorrow its going to be 112 samples.

The rodent rock was painted by Beth James. Seeing as how she is dead now, (she doesn't strike me as a woman who lived by euphemisms such as "passed away"). I hope animal research will someday help people with the illness that killed her. (i.e., terminal brain cancer). I am in different field, so it may not be me. For Now

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Alexander said...

Food science results in hamburgers being advertised as having processed cheese, how in gods name could that be a selling point.