June 27, 2007

Lamenting the Zza.

Pizza never happened. We were all to Lazy to go to the store to buy the requisite ingredients; we needed olive oil, cheese and fresh basil. The Young One offered to go, but he is too young to go on his own.
Damn- give it a couple of years.

So what to do?
Naturally if you are too lazy to go to store, then you are too lazy to cook. The ultimate solution: Take-out!

Had a coupon: 3 pizzas, three toppings, plus cola, salad for 26.99 + tax/delivery (~2.50). Ordered extra topping for at 0.75 cents each. Should come to ~33.60, which is what the phone guy told me. No problem.

Pizza guy comes, order comes to 38.50! Insanity!
I suck it up and pay him (with tip because I don't want to be an ASS). Thinking all the while, "Oh, well if the pizza is good, then that extra $5 is not going to change my life."
Open the box the box: I ordered ham, pinneaple, bacon and Bl. olives. Unreal, No Bacon , no Bl. olives. Those were the clinching ingredients for me, so I paid extra AND didn't get what I wanted. Whoopee. i was not impressed.

Did I do anything? No.
Had good service for years and won't complain about one screwup but, IT STILL BUGS ME.

I wonder if by writing this down, I am immortalizing my sense of outrage. I could have let it go, but now the suffering will be drawn out for eternity - or until the server crashes.

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