June 22, 2007

Sugar Meat

No, this is not a reference to young tender man flesh. Maybe another day.

I have decided to try this approach to cooking pork chops.

Take meat off bone, or be smart an use loin chops without bones.
Slice really thin, like what you would see at a Korean butcher shop. Its easier if partly frozen.

My goal is a dry marinade (if that exists), thus I have sprinkled the sliced meat with brown sugar, freshly grated garlic, fresh ginger chunks, chopped green chilis and seranos. Then mix with two spoons to combine the flavors. Let marinade for several hours -more if you have patience. DO NOT use salt - will take out moisture. Black pepper, also a nice addition.

My plan is to fry meat in wok in hot oil, and deglaze with soy and med. dry. sherry. I started with dry rub so as to cause meat to sear well.
I also have a cilantro pesto type thing that I will use as a garnish/sauce.

Serve with grain.
I will let you know how it works out.

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