June 24, 2007

Sugar meat, part Duh.

First, I let it sit too long - two days in fact, due to not being inspired enough to cook it.
Second, and this is the "duh" part, sugar will also draw water out of meat. The biochemist in me was not speaking very loudly when I came up with this plan. As a result, the meat came out kind of dry.

Osmotically speaking, this makes perfect sense. Water goes from lesser concentrations of solutes to greater concentrations of solutes. Solutes being things such as salt, or this ill-formed plan: sugar.

I need to design a marinade at physiological salinity, or slightly more if I want salt to enter into meat ( the whole brining concept - Yum)

Molecular Gastrononmy? Not so much, as I find this trend of laser cooking, foam-making, water-bath poaching, liquid nitrogen freezing, test-tube serving, pipette dispensing, chefs rather disgusting and a bit unecessary. Why pay thousands for a water bath when you can use a double boiler?

When you have cultured flasks full of bacteria (basically liquid protoshit), you do not want your dinner dispensed in that same style of glasswear. For me, its like saying that a toilet seat has a nice design so why not place the hors' dourves on it? Or better yet - the soap dish would make a lovely dessert plate. Bathroom sink soup anyone? I can go on, but won't.

Sometimes science, and common sense can find itself in the same place.

Flavorwise, the combo worked great, especially with the deglazing, and it combined well with my cilantro pesto. The Man didn't like it, but he is not a huge fan of this flavor combo anyway since he doesn't like ginger and meat.

Tonight: The Man will make pizza. This is his forte and will be accomplished true to scratch starting from olive oil scented dough, and finished with fresh basil and unccoked roma tomato sauce with anchovies, spanish chorizo, and sundried olives. I look forward to the discussions, disagreements, and ultimately, the cooperation that will inevitably result from this endouvor.

On that note: Breath air, Think food.


Alexander said...

Your culinary ventures put me to shame. I have bearly cooked in the last year and for most of the last few years I lived off bear bones stir fries and pastas. Which is a step or two above the mac an cheese people assume students eat but lacking in any real style.
However my pattern was to start cooking after I got hungery and well the ease and speed of the meal out ballenced style.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

The pizza description has me physically drooling....I have not been too much in cooking mode lately, too busy growing future food! Nice to see you back here.