June 27, 2007

Is This Your Garnish?

I have decided, Broken Mice stays.
This will be a Lab Scientist's rant regarding the growing trend of "Molecular Gastronomy". Where does this trend end?
We must fight against Vat Food.

As you may be aware, animals are frequently used in research. This is currently accepted and may cure some diseases. However, if the "Gas" crowd is to be any indication then no stone will be left unanalyzed, and unfortunately, served (the minerals make it crunchy!).

Are we soon to find Rondentia on our plates? Rat stuffed with Agar? Mmmmm, just add a sprinkle of NaCl, a beverage comprising a squirt bottle of ethanol, and Dig in!

Would you braise it, or grill it? Better yet: Autoclave! This style of steam bake is sure to make the meat bone-meltingly tender. Keep all the bits in. The spleen makes it yummy.

Jackson Labs will have to design a whole line of new transgenic mice for “Gas” Restaurateurs. You can have mice that provide the enzyme for bean digestion (if your beans are “unprocessed” and not referred to as some Lectin derivative), or better yet, Alcohol Dehydrogenase. The rodent cure. Eat your meal, drink your face off and feel fresh and pretty in the morning.

Take that anti-GM, Organic crowd. It’s the first season of Survivor with a garnish of Posh on.

I suppose one rodent animal would be acceptable, a classic Hassenpfeffer (refer to bugs bunny for explanation). Although, Rabbits always looked like Cats gone wrong and stupid.

Perhaps rabbits are successful because cats realized they didn’t want to be good eating. Target someone else.

Cheers, Here’s to creatures who know how to do rodents right.

Eat food, think stuff.


Alexander said...

I saw a rabbit at work today, it was hiding between some core boxes. It looked young its ears were small and it was smaller then I expected for up here.

Lizard Queen said...

Did you eat it?

Alexander said...

No. But we had Raven for dinner today

Nienke said...

I am a prophetess.
Recently on an episode of Heston's feasts, the king of molecular gastronomy himself (Heston Blumenthal) actually served mouse to his dinner guests.


Nienke said...

Note, Nienke and Lizard Queen are one.